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Morons unite!

6 Feb

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Human Rights Defenders Programme of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) is seeking applications from qualified non-governmental organizations to develop a collaborative online platform, a gamified curriculum and an advanced human rights monitoring curriculum to strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders through the use of new technologies

Please find the Request for Expression of Interest attached or visit our website

This is most of the content of the letter I received today. The lack of period after the end of the introductory paragraph made me understand that this is not the usual letter but a true Manifesto for the bright future of human kind!

Holly shit, I thought, with my usual reverence for authority, that is exactly what we need!

I imagined the fear these magnificent initiatives are going to strike at the heart of those, from now on, forever damned human rights abusers.

Ya man! Poor Erdogan will be put under special surveillance 24h per day to reduce the effects of the imminent heart attack following the news of the possible collaborative online platform. The fact that is collaborative would be enough to release thousands if not tens of thousands of political prisoners! The online part is better than kryptonite and the platform, ooooohhhhh that platform will be the final blow to those unprotected, feeble hearted, sensitive tyrants!

Putin will decide against running Russia forever as tzar/president/prime-minister/guru in chief and not only he will donate his honestly made billions to Amnesty International but will seek retreat somewhere in Siberia where he will meditate and repent his ordered killings, imprisonment of political rivals and the few thousands other niceties he did during his brief time in power.

I was enthralled! But then, just then I realised that this is not all. There is the gamified curriculum!

How the heck didn’t we think about this solution before! This is indeed the Rosetta stone of Human Rights we were looking for these many years! It will immediately solve the hypocrisy, lack of accountability, nepotism and incompetence at the core of the many/most institutions dealing with human rights! And what, what indeed, could be better to respond to war, killings, imprisonment, beatings, forced deportations, criminal neglect, discrimination than a gamified curriculum!

I closed my eyes and imagined the magnificent world that is coming! I took a deep breath, regained my consciousness and read further realizing that this was not all. There was more geniality oozing from the epistole. I wanted to yell praise!

Ladies and gentlemen there is also an advanced human rights monitoring curriculum! God/OSCE Leadership himself could not have come up with a better idea. On top of all these already incredibly magnificent courageous and innovative ideas there was also the use of new technology.

Fully in awe of what I read, I gasped for air, gave thanks for enlightenment and decided to join the initiative!

Morons unite!

Here the rest of the letter…

Interested applicants will receive the General Terms of Reference (Annex 1) upon request. Please contact for this purpose.

Proposals must be sent to before 5 March 2018, 24:00 h CET. The final deadline for proposals is 24.00 p.m. CET on Monday, 5 March 2018.

Please address your queries or questions in writing to the address given above or the contacts mentioned in the attached Request for Expression of Interest. Kindly refrain from any telephone calls or personal visits.

With Kind Regards,